The search for a doctor continued over the next year after my fainting incident. I needed more testing but lack of funds and health insurance was holding me back. My boyfriend at the time, who is now my husband, had been on the sidelines watching everything unfold. Watching me suffer. It broke his heart because he wanted to help. He had amazing benefits through his company, in his eyes it didn’t seem fair. He proposed and within 6 weeks we were married. We loved each other and an added bonus I now had health insurance. Best decision I have ever made marrying my husband. We will be celebrating 8 years of marriage this October.

A few weeks after our wedding I had exploratory surgery. My doctor seemed to think I had a chronic inflammatory bladder condition called Interstitial cystitis. I experienced chronic bladder pain in addition to heavy periods, abdominal pressure, migraines, random fevers, ovarian cysts and persistent cramping. The surgery was a bust. Despite my health problems, the results came back that I was in good health. My doctor wanted to move forward with treating me for IC which included bladder “cocktails” through a catheter and medication I didn’t need.

I would go through 5 doctors before I found someone that would take me seriously. I had exploratory surgery April 2009 for endometriosis and ovarian cysts. My doctor was optimistic that he had removed all of the endometriosis and led me to believe I was now “cured.” My husband and I felt so relieved! I had an accurate diagnosis and now I would be pain free…..or so we thought.

Recovery for this particular surgery was rough. In addition to having my insides lasered and cysts removed I also had my appendix taken out. To add assault to injury, the male nurse who was caring for me after surgery, ripped out my catheter without deflating the balloon first. Ouch! I still have nightmares about this incident and fear catheters with every fiber of my being. 8 weeks after surgery, I was still in pain. I couldn’t believe it. I was devastated. How could I still be experiencing the same symptoms? My doctor wanted to see me right away, but it soon became clear that he was just as puzzled as me.

It was around this time that my pastor came to the salon I was working at for a haircut. He asked how I was doing after my surgery and was genuinely concerned that I had not found any relief. He told me to find him on sunday and he would pray over me. So I did just that! He prayed over me and immediately I felt God resting on my shoulders. I crossed paths with peace and came to know God’s grace. Each day that went on, little by little, my symptoms and pain began to lift until one day I was no longer in pain. I was pain free for 6 months, I really believe God granted me a break from my journey with endo. A much needed break! I started working out again, going out more with my husband and was able to enjoy our honeymoon in Jamaica on our 1 year wedding anniversary in October. I went from watching everyone live their lives from the couch to living my own life!

In November 2009, one month after my trip to Jamaica and 6 months after my pastor had first prayed over me, my stomach began to swell. Everyday I would wake up and my stomach was larger than the day before.  I was in a world of pain and asking God why I was entering back into this dark world of pain. Pain that never let up. Pain that had its’ own agenda. Pain that wanted to suck the very joy out of my soul. I went to my OBGYN in search of answers. Through an ultrasound she discovered a large cyst on my left ovary. She assured me I would be fine and to go home. A week later I was back in her office in tears. I begged her to help me. She ordered another ultrasound and this time it showed a cyst 7cm that was not only growing, but it was also blocking my bowel system. I had surgery the very next day on Christmas Eve.

I would spend the next 5 years trying to manage my symptoms with birth control, pregnancies and with every supplement on the market. It wouldn’t be until I met a holistic doctor June 2014 that I would really discover the true medicine behind nutrition the way God intended.



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