Virtually every week I get asked the same question. There are so many people right now who are struggling to stay healthy, to be healthy and waging a war that often times seems hopeless. I know the struggle. I lived it for many painful years. To really grasp my entire journey, you have to start from the beginning.

I was born via C-section which for most people is not alarming but for me it is where I believe my problems started. Babies born vaginally automatically gather and collect their gut flora from their mom from the birth canal. Gut flora is the road map to which your body digests food and thus directly affects the functionality of your entire body. It is the first domino you lay down, in front of hundreds. But just like in the game of dominos, once you tap the first domino the rest will lay down with it. Now, I am not saying if you were born via C-section you are doomed. What I am saying is the manner in which you were born does matter.

My adolescence proceeded with mysterious illnesses and struggles that I chalked up to be normal. In my elementary days I was prone to throwing up and was chronically constipated. In the 3rd grade a tumor the size of a golf ball made its’ home on the side of my neck despite rounds and rounds of medication. In the 4th grade I developed the shingles that my teacher discovered at school. I was so embarrassed! It first appeared in the form of a rash but quickly turned into painful clear-like eggs, covering my chest, stomach and back area. Entering into middle school, I had braces, glasses, and was still wetting the bed! I had a really hard time concentrating in school and staying focused. I struggled with headaches, feeling fatigued and back pain. Strep throat seemed to be my bodies go-to when I got sick. By the time I started my period at 15 I was a functioning hot mess and had no clue! During my senior year I had strep throat for 9 months. Any gut flora I ever thought about having was quickly killed with off with each round of antibiotics. The medications and shots eventually stopped working leading to my tonsils being removed.

Now this is where it begins to spiral out of control. I started taking birth control! What was I thinking? This decision coupled with poor nutrition set me up for developing endometriosis and ovarian cysts. I suffered for many years before a doctor would actually take me seriously. I even had one doctor tell me that I was experiencing pain because I was depressed and my mind was causing my symptoms. The sad part is a part of me believed her. I went back to work, within days, I fainted on the job with shears in my hand. Talk about a wake up call! I knew two things; something needed to change and I had to find a doctor that would believe me.


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